Hand Made Acrylic Rangoli

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Size:15"*14" colour : Multi colour

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Handmade acrylic rangoli refers to a traditional Indian art form where intricate and colorful designs are created on the floor or any other flat surface using acrylic colors. Rangoli is a Sanskrit word that means "colorful design," and it is predominantly practiced during festivals, celebrations, and auspicious occasions in India. Here is a description of the process and characteristics of handmade acrylic rangoli: Materials: Acrylic colors: These are water-based paints that come in vibrant shades and provide a glossy finish. Acrylic colors are preferred for their durability and ability to adhere well to different surfaces. Brushes: Various sizes of brushes are used to create different strokes and details in the rangoli design. Surface: The rangoli can be made on the floor, using materials like colored sand, rice flour, or flower petals. Alternatively, a piece of fabric, canvas, or a wooden board can be used as a base. Process: Design: The artist starts by conceptualizing a design for the rangoli. This can be a traditional pattern, a geometric design, a deity, or any other motif that holds significance for the occasion or festival. Surface preparation: If the rangoli is made on the floor, the surface is cleaned and smoothed before starting. In the case of a base like fabric or canvas, it should be primed or prepared according to the specific requirements of the acrylic paint. Outlining: Using a thin brush, the artist outlines the design on the surface. This helps in creating a clear structure and acts as a guide for filling in colors. Filling colors: The artist then starts filling in the design using acrylic colors. Various techniques such as brush strokes, stippling, blending, or layering can be used to add depth and dimension to the design. Different colors are used to bring vibrancy and enhance the visual appeal. Details and embellishments: Once the basic design is complete, the artist adds intricate details and embellishments using smaller brushes. This can include fine lines, dots, swirls, or any other decorative elements that enhance the overall beauty of the rangoli. Drying and finishing: After completing the design, the rangoli is left to dry thoroughly. Once dry, a protective layer of varnish or clear coat may be applied to preserve the colors and add a glossy finish. This also helps to make the rangoli more durable. Handmade acrylic rangolis are known for their intricate detailing, vibrant colors, and long-lasting nature. They can be created in various sizes, from small designs to large-scale installations. The art form allows artists to showcase their creativity and bring a festive and colorful atmosphere to any occasion.


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