About Us

Our India is very rich in culture and tradition and so is its ethnicity. It is needless to say the wide range of Indian culture has been acknowledged globally, particularly the Indian handicrafts.
In every part of India you will find the hand of various indigenous creativity and it is not a cup of tea for all to bring such humongous varieties in one place. So we are here to give your taste of Indian craft with mixed flavours. Our Craft Zone tries to bring all the best design from the best of Indian craft under one umbrella. Craft zone can fulfill all your crafty wishes reaching out all over India.
You will find a kaleidoscopic of handcrafted trendy garments, jewellery, bags to create a new trend of indianness. And for your home we provide a plethora of items which you have wished for to reinvigorate your home.Each corner of your home will be photogenic as well as your perfect selfie partner. Just roll your eyes into the craft zone and pick up the best design to cut short your monotonous fashion life. Give a pinch of aestheticism to your thoughts.
Be the part of the zone to push back the western style to revive the Indian style with Craft Zone. Step inside to the zone of ethnicity in diversity.