All over box Jamdani

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Care Instructions: Hand Wash Only Saree – Soft Dhakai Jamdani Saree In White And Red Colour With All Over Woven Work And With Blouse Piece. Saree length - 6.3 Mtr including blouse piece Type – Soft & Super Smooth, Comfortable To Wear And Light Weight Occasions – Party & Wedding Function Wear, Festive Wear, Evening & Ceremony Wear. Design – Traditional Style In Modern Look.

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Jamdani is a luxurious and intricate weaving technique that originated in Bangladesh and India. It is known for its exquisite motifs, fine muslin fabric, and the meticulous handloom weaving process. One of the variations of Jamdani is the "All over box Jamdani," which is characterized by its dense geometric patterns spread across the entire fabric. The term "box" in All over box Jamdani refers to the geometric boxes or grids that form the basis of the design. These boxes are meticulously woven into the fabric using the supplementary weft technique. The supplementary weft threads are inserted into the warp threads by hand, creating intricate motifs and patterns. In All over box Jamdani, the motifs within the boxes can vary widely. They can include floral designs, geometric shapes, abstract patterns, or a combination of these elements. The motifs are typically woven in contrasting colors to create a vibrant and visually striking fabric. The weaving process of All over box Jamdani is extremely time-consuming and requires great skill and expertise. The weavers meticulously weave each thread by hand, often requiring several months to complete a single saree or fabric. The result is a fabric of exceptional beauty and delicacy, renowned for its intricate detailing and fine craftsmanship. All over box Jamdani fabric is commonly used to make traditional garments, particularly sarees, in Bangladesh and India. It is highly prized for its luxurious feel, breathability, and timeless elegance. The fabric is lightweight, sheer, and has a graceful drape, making it suitable for both casual and formal occasions. In recent years, Jamdani has gained international recognition and has been incorporated into contemporary fashion. Designers and fashion enthusiasts around the world appreciate the rich cultural heritage and craftsmanship associated with All over box Jamdani, making it a sought-after fabric for unique and exquisite garments.


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