Acrylic lotus acrylic cow hanging

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colour red size 22inch

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Red Lotus Pichwai Cow Hangings are exquisite and vibrant decorative pieces that can enhance the ambiance of any puja backdrop or mandir decor. Pichwai art is a traditional Indian art form originating from the state of Rajasthan, known for its intricate and detailed hand-painted designs. The Red Lotus Pichwai Cow Hangings feature a central motif of a divine cow, often depicted as a sacred animal in Hindu culture. The cow is beautifully adorned with floral patterns, intricate jewelry, and traditional motifs, all meticulously painted by skilled artisans. The vibrant red color of the lotus flowers adds a sense of energy and auspiciousness to the overall design. These hangings are crafted on high-quality fabric, typically using natural dyes to maintain the authenticity of the traditional art form. The intricate detailing and fine brushwork create a sense of depth and texture, making the cow hangings visually captivating. When used as a puja backdrop, the Red Lotus Pichwai Cow Hangings add a touch of spirituality and reverence to the sacred space. They can be hung behind the main deity or placed near the altar, creating a focal point for worship. The vibrant colors and intricate artwork create a visually appealing backdrop that enhances the overall ambiance of the mandir. The Red Lotus Pichwai Cow Hangings are not only a reflection of artistic brilliance but also hold cultural and religious significance. They serve as a symbol of prosperity, fertility, and divine blessings, making them a popular choice for puja backdrops and mandir decorations. Whether used for personal worship or as part of a larger religious gathering, these hangings exude a sense of devotion and create a visually enchanting atmosphere. They are an ideal choice for individuals seeking to infuse their spiritual spaces with traditional art and vibrant colors, adding a touch of elegance and sacredness to the overall decor.


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